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Highlite have Over 12 years experience in portable

Highlite have Over 12 years experience in portable lighting industry, we have been building sophisticate in the field from the ground up, mastering every procedure in the entire process. Throughout the years, many world-famous brands have become happy customers of our OEM solutions. Our wealth of expertise and experience enable us to advice clients on high quality OEM/ODM projects with the best products at the best price.

Nowadays, LED lighting is gaining prominence amidst rising awareness for environment and power conservation. Exceptional durability makes such solid-state illumination the ideal choice of lighting under vigorous conditions such as extreme sports, outdoor exploration, enforcement and Fishing . Rapid technology development in the field opens up so many potential markets, from casual to professional to enforcement applications. At  Highlite , we are ready to help clients pinpoint their target market with the optimal solution.

With our one-stop solution, our expert team of sales representatives and engineers will walk you through every step of the production process:


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